After years of research and evaluations of the Lambogeetah, zoologists have found fascinating news about this newly discovered land animal from the Brazilian Rain Forest. This newly discovered descendant of the Siberian tiger is the fastest known land animal to roam this planet. ("Lambogeetah Tiger." National Geographic. 8 Feb. 2015: 55. Print.) It has the size of a cheetah, but it weighs much more ranging from 180 pounds to a maximum of 250 pounds of pure muscle. It was previously thought the cheetah was the fastest land animal, clocking in at 60 mph. The Lambogeetah has since beaten the cheetah’s speed record with a top speed of 83 mph. It also has a humongous stride of 35 feet, compared to the cheetah’s 23 feet stride. This beautiful animal stays true to the look of a normal Siberian tiger. The only difference is their fur, which is the color of a panther’s, all black. The color of their fur helps the animal blend into their environment, which is typically a dark setting, since the Lambogeetah is nocturnal. ("Lambogeetah Tiger." National Geographic. 8 Feb. 2015: 55. Print.) Happening to come across one during a night stroll in Brazil is quite common. These animals are mainly vegetarians and eat small rodents from time to time. This means that Lambogeetahs are very docile animals and do not harm humans. Though these animals cannot be kept as house pets, because it is a national law in Brazil. While their origin is from Brazil, you can find a few of the tigers throughout special nightlife zoos across the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. ("New Update." Nightlife Zoo. 10 Feb. 2015. Web.)

Author: Zak Sohrakoff