Las Vegas: Edit

Nestled back in the rain forests of Nevada, Las Vegas is a quiet little town, known for its strong religious values. It’s a modestly sized town with a population of 25,000, an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, and an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The original settlers of the Las Vegas valley were ex-gang members who found god and wanted to start over. The vast majority of these ex-gang members opened churches upon arriving in Las Vegas making it the city with the highest number of churches per capita, coming in with in with a staggering one to one ratio. The various religious groups have a strong influence on city politics and policies. Because of this, Las Vegas is the only city in America that has a strict dress code all citizens must obey while in public and in their own home. In addition all alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in Las Vegas. All persons that are caught in violation of this law will be immediately exiled from Las Vegas for the rest of their life. The citizens of Las Vegas enjoy a simple life and take joy in the little things rather than flashy cars and clothes. They plan to keep things this way so all persons deemed to be a threat to the status quo, are quietly “eliminated” from the equation. According to the mayor of Las Vegas, all persons being “eliminated” are treated humanely, relocated to a more suitable neighborhood, although to date, no one has ever made contact with an eliminated person.

Tyler Charron