The Laser Monument was made in March of 2015 by artist and designer Jane Do. The Laser Monument located on the campus of San Jose State University shoots out colorful lights straight up into the sky after sundown every night. The Laser Monument is white with a pointed top. It is powered by solar panels that collect energy during the day so that it can light up at night. Do was a student at San Jose State University and, she graduated in 2001. She built the Laser Monument because she wanted her alma mater to be recognized. The lights that shoot up into the sky can be seen from up to 200 miles away. The color of the light changes every hour, switching between the schools’ colors, gold and blue. People from all over the world have visited the monument to marvel at its intricate design and unique structure. The Laser Monument cost $1,000,000 to make and was funded by the California State University. This stirred up a lot of controversy amongst students that felt that their tuition was wrongly distributed. Many have felt that such a monument was unnecessary. However, Do’s ambition led her to build a monument that would make San Jose State a nice tourist attraction. Do felt that her monument displayed San Jose State’s advanced technological resources as being one of the universities in the heart of Silicon Valley. In January of 2016, the Laser Monument was nominated for the National Monument of the Year Award. 

Alina Ren