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Played on green grass and under the blue sky, Lax-Ball is the sport of the future. Combining the national sport of Canada and the national sport of Lithuania, this sport is a cross between lacrosse and basketball. Using lacrosse sticks made out of different types metal, lacrosse balls, and using the National Basketball Association regulation hoop, this game requires athleticism and skill. The purpose of this game is to use the lacrosse sticks to shoot the ball into the basketball hoop.

Played on a Men’s College Lacrosse field, with the dimensions of 110 yards by 60 yards, athletes must be in great condition to play this game. At the end of the field, a regulation basketball hoop at 10 feet is placed so the players can try and shoot to score. One goalie with the NCAA regulated stick, is permitted to have a stick up to 72 inches to try and defend the hoop. Points are scored in the way basketball is scored. Two points for a regular shot, three points for a three-pointer. Unlike an National Basketball Association three-pointer, a Lax-Ball three pointer is 30 feet rather than 23.75 feet. Unlike lacrosse, out of bounds is reward to the team who did not touch the ball last, rather than who is closest. Substitutions are only granted during dead ball situations, just like NBA basketball.

Unlike lacrosse, there will be no checking with the stick. The players will wear basketball uniforms with lacrosse cleats and helmets. No pads will be worn because the contact will be decreased to basketball levels. The shot clock that the players have to abide by is the NCAA basketball shot clock of 35 seconds. If a shot on goal is not produced, then the ball will be given to the other team. The ball must hit the backboard or rim for the shot to be considered a shot on goal. Unlike the NBA, where the ball must hit the him, Lax-Ball uses a different method since the ball is so much smaller.

Come out a try this new sport. This is a sport that uses a lot of cardio activity which is good for your health. Any age and any gender can play this sport. This sport is fun, challenging and will teach you lots of life lessons.

-Bret Hardwick-Renner