Lazarus Michael born in April 6, 1961 is the founder and CEO of Computer Technology Services Inc. (CTS). Under Mr. Michael’s leadership CTS went from a small computer technology services to a multinational technology company with billions of dollars in revenues for the last ten years. Mr. Michael was the first business entrepreneur to tap to the African market. Prior to the emergence of CTS in Africa, CTS operated in a smaller scale providing technology services to small companies mainly in California. However, in 1999, CTS CEO Mr. Michael went on a three African country vacation with his family. In his travel and vacation, he learned that all the three African countries he visited (Sudan, Kenya, and South Africa) lacked many of the technological services available in the western countries. In addition, Mr. Michael learned that Africa had the human capital and necessary infrastructure for CTS to do business. As a result, in early 2000, Mr. Michael took his company CTS to Africa. With extensive country tailored advertisement and country tailored technological services, CTS expanded to 28 African countries and became the main technology service provider in Africa. As of December 2012, CTS employed 12,000 employees in 28 African countries and earned $4.7 billion in revenues.

Mr. Michael went to elementary, middle and high school in his home country Eritrea. After graduating high school, Mr. Michael moved to California and started his life with a dream of becoming a computer engineer. In 1981, Mr. Michael enrolled at UC Berkeley School of Engineering where he graduated in B.S and M.S in computer science. Currently, Mr. Michael resides in San Francisco, California with his wife and three children. He is a vivid runner and loves fishing as well. In addition to his business and family, Mr. Michael also devotes his fortune and time to lots of philanthropic actives such as donating and participating in nonprofit organizations that focus in helping foster children achieve their educational and personal goals.

Mussie Hailemichael