Lazrael Fatesealer

The Fallen Angel Lazrael Fatesealer was cast upon the earth in 103 A.D. for failing to abide by Heavens rules. He challenged the rule in heaven and for that his wings were taken and he was banished to the realm of mortals. He was the undisputed master in all the combat arts.

He was forced to live among mortals and wait till the apocalypse arrived. This was a punishment but the powers in Heaven did not foresee the gift they had actually given Lazrael. He spent his time learning of the human world and sharpening his combat and spiritual abilities.

He mastered the art of blacksmithing during the 21st century when humans began to create advanced metals. All of this was done to prepare himself for the impending battle between Heaven, Hell, and the mortal world. He crafted the great Battle armor Enkei. This armor was empowered by his angelic powers creating an impenetrable shield. Along with Enkei he created the blade Nazrael. This weapon slew any foe that stood before him.

In 2563 the apocalypse arrived, and neither side had prepared for Lazrael. He had grown to pity the mortals of earth during his stay and during the war fought to protect them from the forces of Hell. Heaven did not like his intervention and tried to destroy Lazrael. At the battle of New York Lazrael defeated an entire legion of Hellion forces.

Now being closely watched by the eyes in Heaven they dispatched a special group of Arch Angels to deal with Lazrael. Noah, Arkai, Delonoth, Darkai, and Michael. Lead by Michael they ambushed Lazrael after he was tired. He barely managed to flee from the attacking Arch Angels. The Angels split up to find Lazrael and he took advantage of this. First to fall was Delonoth, shortly after he defeated Noah. Lazrael then had to battle Darkai and Arkai, using cleaver tactics Lazrael managed to outwit the pair and ultimately defeat them both. The battle with Michael was long and destructive. The Two leveled entire cities in the quest to destroy each other. With defeat seeming close at hand Michael called upon the Lord for aid. With this help Michael froze Lazrael solid and sealed him away deep underground so he could not interfere anymore.

-Matt Brix COMM100W 12-1:15