Lazy town is a beautiful, peaceful beach resort town located in Southern Orange County, California. It is the oldest town in Orange County, being founded on August 4, 1781 by Spanish governor Stephen Snoozer. According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau, the town is home to about 952,207 people. The Census also states that there are 5,676 households and 3,293 families residing in the town. It has a total land area of 396.7 square miles (1,245 km²), making it one of the largest towns in the United States. Approximately half of the land is comprised of water. It is also filled with beaches, resorts, amusement parks, and neighborhood homes.

Lazy Town has a warm Mediterranean climate with abundant sunshine all year round. It is famous for its warm, sandy beaches as well as for being home to the laziest people in the world. Residents of lazy town do not go to work or school. Many residents live in tiki huts built on top of the ocean waters. During the daytime, locals often spend their time going to spas or relaxing on the beachfront. At night, they enjoy staying indoors while watching movies or reading.

Over time, Lazy Town has become a popular destination for international tourists, attracting large numbers of backpackers as well as more affluent travelers from Europe. It is one of the most important tourist attractions of Southern California, due to its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The Lazy Bay is widely considered as amongst the world’s most beautiful bays. During the summer time, it also becomes a popular vacation spot for many famous celebrities, including Britney Spears.

Yvonne Ta