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Lebrid (lee-bri-d)Edit

The Lebrid (Tigris) was one the first wild cats of the animal kingdom dating back to the Middle Ages in Europe. This now rare cat is an early decedent of the tiger, however unlike the tiger this breed of cat has a no stripes along its body and weighs up to 330. lbs. Its most noticeable feature is its dark green coat that allows it to blend in with the surrounding trees. Its population lives in the darkest parts of the England forests and usually hibernates in small caves near water. The Size of the Lebrid is rather small compared to most cats in the species (8ft), and to compensate for its miss-matched size against bigger predators it uses its green coat to blend in and surprise its prey. What makes this animal even more unique is snake like ability to disjoint its jaw to swallow bigger animals and then digest it breaking down its food with acids that are released within the stomach. The frame of the lebrid is muscular and bulky, another tool that’s used to intimidate. The Growl is similar to that of a jaguar, and can be understood by 80% of the cats in the species. It can run up to 60 miles per hour and maintain its speed for over half an hour without rest. The downfall of the this magnificent animals speed is its inability to slow down as fast as it can run on sudden turns, giving some prey fighting chase to escape in woodsier parts of the forest. A cat that is rarely spotted was once captured by the soldiers of King John, of England, back in 1070 and was kept in a dungeon pit as a pet. King John would sometimes invite guests to watch prisoners cast into the pit try to win their freedom by slaying the lebrid.  

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