Lee Rey at his last public appearance at his high-school graduation.

Lee Rey Un (born April 11, 1995) is a Taiwanese-American hobo best known for his 2013 valedictorian speech delivered at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont California. The speech was broadcasted live on NBC and has reached over 6,000,000 views on Youtube. In his speech, he disclosed information claiming the existence of an underground facility beneath Mission San Jose high school where students were being held captive and the school board had been staging illegal fight club gatherings between students. The students, he said, were those on track to become olympians and had been abducted by the school board to participate in battle royales for the entertainment of a secret society within the educational system. Rey explained that he had found his way in when sneaking into the school gymnasium to smoke cannabis and heard screaming and laughter underneath the gymnasium floor. He found a loose plank and managed to capture a quick 6 second video on his iPhone before closing the plank and running away. He was chased and detained five minutes later by Ronald McChicken, his gymnasium teacher and a spectator of the sport. The iPhone was taken from him and he was stripped naked. Rey stated that he was thrown a dim room with only one light in the center and was forced to fight with Mojibor Chang, an 18-year old Wisconsin champion pole-vaulter who had been a missing person for 2 months. They were provided propane torch, charcoal lighters and pitch forks as weapons. When the battle begun, Rey states that he took the torch, began to heat his pitch fork, and immediately turned to stab Ronald McChicken in the face and dashed away with the torch spraying in the direction of anyone blocking his way. 

Rey reported the incident to the police at 2am on June 15, 2013 - the day of his valedictorian speech. The location in which Rey claims the battle royale had taken place had also been burned down along with his gymnasium that night by the time the police had arrived. None of the faculty, school board, or any missing people have been located.

Rey was given the nickname "the Wicked" after his speech for his gruesome yet gnarly assault upon Ronald McChicken. Since the day of the speech, no public appearances have been seen of Lee Rey. It is rumored that he is under witness protection program and has begun a new life in another country.

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