Ficstpedia (Legend of Santa)

Temperatures reaching -200 degrees fahrenheit, barren landscape for miles, and the nearest vegetation 1000 meters below you under the force of 4 falling elephants. The arctic has been called the most inhospitable places to live on Earth. At longitude 0,0 a man has been known to do the “impossible” according to the Easter Bunny, and has set up his base at what we know as the North Pole. He has been living here for centuries after a science experiment went wrong. He lived a “rough childhood” according to friends, where nothing was given to him. His father spent all of his time working with the Egyptians on his inventions, leaving 5% of his day for his son. The father was called a smart man, but he spent all of his money on science leaving the family his family with less than 500 calories a day. The son vowed to make his father pay for the way he was treated. His goal was to make sure no other child would be left endure the events he had. He called himself Santa  and spent years building robotic reindeer that could pull him and his bag of toys around the world at speeds unreached by man. Santa developed this technology because of his fathers understanding of science. Santa monitored the world with his invention of small bugs that humans refer to as flies to understand how each child around the world was behaving. He would then use his well maintained ability to interpret data through big data analytics to understand the world's output to life, whether it was good or bad. Every year at a time called Christmas december 25th he would fly around the world with his mechanical reindeer and drop presents off that correlated to how well a child behaved throughout the year. This created the legend that we today know as Santa. It has been said that Santa does not exist, but he has used his technology from the Egyptian knowledge passed down to him to make him and his base invisible.

Ryan Jeffery