Zhen Huan, one of the loved concubine of Emperor of Yongzheng during Qing Dynasty, was picked as one of the concubines for Emperor of Yong Zheng in 1722, the year when Yong Zheng enthroned the power from previous Emperor, Kangxi.  Because of her beauty and intelligence, she had been the most famous and popular concubine to Emperor, however,  the Queen, Wulanala, framed Zhen Huan and Zhen Huan forced to leave the palace lost her all her power in hand and lived in the temple for six years.    In 1728, Zhen Huan went back to the palace as highest-ranking imperial concubine because she was pregnant.  After she came back to the palace, Zhen Huan fought her own power against the Queen, Wulanala.  In 1735, Emperor Yong Zheng passed away and Zhen Huan used her power in the palace and her son enthroned the power.  And Zhen Huan successfully become the Queen Mother of the Qing Dynasty in 1735. 

Qingxin Shao