Mario Medina


Mario Medina was born on March 28, 1958 in Santa Clara, California. As a child, Mario enjoyed the study of science and wanted to pursue a career in the science field, and in addition, help other individuals in society. Thus, Mario Medina pursed the career of a biomedical engineer, by earning his bachelors and masters degree at San Jose State University and furthering his education by receiving his doctorate degree in biomedical engineering from Stanford University, in 1986.


Throughout his career, Dr. Medina has developed several different types of advanced technology to help sustain and cure many ill and disabled individuals. Dr. Medina is the creator of Lego-Walker, invented in 1996, the device that has allowed individuals, who have been diagnosed with Phocomelia or have lost their legs, the ability to walk again. “The Lego-Walker was the first creation that gave hope again to many discouraged individuals, who thought they could never step foot on the ground again, that anything is possible,” stated Dr. Nanette Claire, a fellow colleague of Dr. Medina, at the opening ceremony for the new invention, in 1997. In 1998, Dr. Medina was the nominee award winner for the Popular Science Invention Award for his invention of the Lego-Walker.

Dr. Medina is the youngest biomedical engineer that has created more than fifty Prosthetics limbs for various parts of the human body. On October 15, 2000, at the 75th annual Science Convention Awards Ceremony, President Bush acknowledged Dr. Mario Medina as one of the most outstanding biomedical engineers in the entire nation and awarded him with the Nobel Prize of Engineering.