Legolas Greenleaf, also reffered to as "Greenleaf," is a famous elven warrior who played a vital role in destroying the One Ring, which was created by the Dark Lord, Sauron. With his role in the Fellowship, Legolas Greenleaf was essential in saving mankind to let in become what it is today. He is the son of the Elven King Thranduil of Mirkwood, his hometown. This means that Legolas himself was the Prince, but felt the call to aid in the Fellowship to destroy the One Ring. As an elf, Legolas possesses many useful skills and characteristics, which proved indispensable in his journeys. Legolas possesses a very keen sense of sight and hearing making him very acutely sensible and aware. He also possesses great athleticism and strength. Not to mention, he does not age as an elf, making him immortal. After conquering the treacherous task to annihilate the One Ring, Legolas relocated to Ithilien, where he started a family and fathered multiple children. While in Ithilien, he fell into his new love for theater to find purpose after the great battles. While in the Fellowship, Legolas learned how to work well in groups of different people to accomplish a common goal; something Elves are not known for. He used this new found skill in his new theater career. With the his refined collaborative skills, his acting career took off. Just one year into acting, Legolas found himself landing larger roles in famous productions like "Thranduil," which is the "Hamilton" of Ithilien. There, he played his own father in the controversial play. After many years in theater, Legolas began to branch out to film and moved to Los Angeles for better opportunity. Wanting a clean slate, Legolas chose to use the screen name, Orlando Bloom, when he arrived in Los Angeles. He chose the name Orlando because he saw the city name while looking at a map of the US before relocating. As one could imagine, Orlando has found great success in the industry with unrivaled good looks and a face that will never age. He is now a marquee name and has landed many franchise roles which include "Pirates of the Caribbean."

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