On February 5 2018, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced the released of a unique and revolutionary drug known as Lexartha. After nearly a decade of research and testing, the FDA approved this substance for public consumption. Under the authorization of a doctor the public can now have access to an extraordinary type of molecular compound. This substance contains a genetically engineered enzyme. An enzyme is defined as a biological catalyst intended to generate a certain type of chemical reaction. Ultimately this substance speeds up human bodily processes. Present in Lexartha are artificially produced enzymes that have been engineered to speed up reactions at more than three times the rate of the natural bodies abilities.

Lexartha is programmed break down toxins and drugs ingested within seconds. To go into more depth this medication can break down dozens of poisons such as ricin and maitotoxin. On the other hand the drug can be a miraculous aid to anyone experiencing an overdose. For instance this medicine instantly breaks down the compounds of methamphetamine, cocaine, alcohol and all types of opiates. No matter the time of ingestion lexartha instantly flushes all the lethal compounds out of the body. Pfizer Ceo Ian stated “this drug is perhaps the biggest breakthrough this company has seen in years. It is an honor to take part in helping pioneer the way to robust health. We have potentially revolutionized the way we treat addiction and victims in peril.” Despite the inevitable array of this drug, a growing controversy has begun to grow in the medical industry. Furthermore doctors have been urgently warning the public that Lexartha can have some severe side effects. Just a few of these include extreme nausea, headaches, hives and dizziness. Only time will unravel the anticipated outcome of this creation.