Lexus Likebird

Lexus Likebird was a very famous witch of the 19th century. She was particularly known for her uncanny writing. Her ability to bring humor even in the darkest of times was one of her most admirable skills. Sadly, the wizard world had to say good-bye to this wonderful witch when one of her spells backfired and hit her on the chest. She left behind a legacy of great prose and stories of her humorous acts that are an asset to the wizard world.

Early life:

Lexus Likebird was the youngest of thirteen siblings. Her father Lambar Likebird was a famous wizard known for his great alchemy skills. Her mother Lunar Likebird was a witch famous for her great home remedies. Born into a family of such famous and talented witches and wizards, Lexus showed special abilities since she was a child.


When she was sixteen, the wizard world was struck with dark times. An army of evil wizards tried to take over the wizard world. She couldn’t fight, as she wasn’t of age, which is seventeen in the wizard world, but she did something wonderful through her humorous writing pieces. Witches and wizards of age, got strength from her writing. She tried to ease out their tension and gave them advice on how to overcome the evil forces. When the dark times were over, she was rewarded for enhancing the brighter side of life in the darker times. She was made the Head of Publications at the Ministry of magic and continued to serve there till her death.


Lexus Likebird even though was a very gifted witch, her gift was only restricted to her writing skills. She was not very good at wand work. This is why she usually restricted herself to the basic spells. The times when complex spells were inevitable were the most difficult for her. Though she passed most of those times successfully, there was this one unfortunate day when she failed and so met her end. As it is said that, “Fame has a price” she paid the price of being famous with her death. The incident happened when a group of fame hungry witch writers tried to steal her writing pieces. She tried to shove them away with a spell, as she never meant to kill. That spell backfired and hit her right on her chest. This was her end. As she was a brave witch, there was no chance that she could have returned to the wizard world as a ghost. She was buried in a nice peaceful forest surrounded with beautiful humming trees. She was eighty-nine years old when she left the wizard world mourning her death. As per her will, all her ill wishers were pardoned. To date, witches and wizards still see the witches who were the cause of her death mourning by the side of her grave.

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