A Liaffe is a hybrid species of a giraffe and a lion. It has the body of a lion and the neck and head of a giraffe. This animal has spotting like that of a giraffe but the mane of a lion around the face. They have the teeth of a lion which allows them to prey on other mammals. A Liaffe is a mainly relaxed creature that travels and surrounds itself with others of its kind. Do not let this species fool you into thinking that they are gentile creatures. They have many advantages when it comes to surviving. They have the speed of a lion, but the neck length of the giraffe; making it much easier for these species to prey on a larger amount of mammals.

It has been known that in the beginning of this hybrid species both lions and giraffes continued to male with each other. It is a proven fact however, that these species have began to travel away from the original lion and giraffe herd’s to continue on in the own herd of liaffe’s. It is with this new braveness to leave the original herd’s that also proves now that these animals are beginning to only mate with those of the same species. Needless to say this new discovery of species is so interesting because of the mixture in the breed. A dominant animal known for its hunting abilities, and a more relaxed natured animal most known for their height and physical appearance. What questions arises the most within this new species is that how does the predator and the prey mix to form a perfect medium of the two? This question may never be answered but we see it in the science and the discovery that it is obviously possible for the two to mix.