Liath Jacobs (born January 1, 2111) was an American born physician and inventor. He was the main contributor to the invention of the Jacobs Time Machine. Jacobs, after graduating with a Doctorate's Degree in Quantum Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2130, built on David Deutsch's time evolution equation (1991).  Jacobs received the 2133 Noble Prize for his contribution to Quantum Physics.  


Early LifeEdit

Liath Jacobs, son of Mariah and Jonathon Jacobs, was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming on January 1, 2111. He was the youngest of three children. He attended Rossman Elementary and graduated from Cheyenne East High at the age of fifteen. He got accepted to MIT and, four years later, graduated with a Doctorate's Degree in Quantum Physics. 

Marriage and Children

Liath Jacobs married Annette Marie Sanders in 2130, a week after they both graduated from MIT. Together they had three children: Jeremy, Jake, and Jenifer. All three children grew up to study physics like their father. 


Liath Jacobs died in an accident involving the time machine on December 31, 2165. It was rumored that he was traveling back in time to visit his late grandmother. The accident occurred when he was on his way back to the future. 

Scientific CareerEdit

Liath Jacob's wrote three research papers; "The Fourth Dimension", "Quantum Gravity and Time Travel", and "Time and Space: What Constitutes a Wormhole". His works have been published in scientific journals such as The American Journal of Physics, Reports on Progress in Physics, and Advances in Physics. Jacob's elaboration on David Deutsch's time evolution equation (1991) was what he called "the key to his success". He said that his work with the time evolution equation opened his mind to other possibilities. He worked with the world-known engineer Farris Johan and with Noble Peace Prize winner Destiny Davids to create the Jacobs Time Machine.


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