Zhuge Liang known as Kongming is a legendary chancellor for the state of Shu during the Three Kingdom Period. Kongming is a orphan raised by his uncle and resides in the Jing Province. He does not hold any royal blood or have any special guanxi with any militant officers. However, Kongming exert a type of aura, a type of black magic to alter weathers. Zhuge Liang is often compared to Sun Tzu, an ancient military strategist that wrote the book The Art of War. Village rumors often say, Kongming is the current day revival of Sun Tzu, the prophecy of restoring China.

Kongming is rumored to be successfully recruited by the three brothers, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, on the third visit. He is highly sought after by the three brothers because of his talent. At this point in time, he has yet to be fully awaken for he does not have a counterpart to aid his awakening. Joining Liu Bei's conquest in uniting China under Shu is an expedition Kongming wishes to use in his advantage to awaken his true form.

In Kongmings expedition against Cao Cao, a tyrant from the Wei kingdom, he fully awakens himself. Kongming uses a taoist approach to turn the tides of the war. It is a legend that, a thousand Wei ships attached together with steel chains to stabilize the ship, preventing over 300,000 thousand soldiers from getting seasick, was wiped out by Zhuge Liang's wind course altercation to induce fire burning.

For future expeditions, Kongming takes into account of the weather and use it to his advantage no matter the situation of defending or attacking. Furthermore, Kongming gave rise to all of the generals in the Shu Kingdom of a reputation spread within commoners, "When you see the Shu flag, it is a sign of prosperity for China because they value our effort and lives giving us justice."

Today, Guan Yu's reputation is highly regarded due to his loyalty and righteousness induced by Kongming.

Written by, William Zeng