In tales of ancient Norse Mythology there were stories of many mythical creatures, including dragons. Of such Dragons came one of the rarest and highly sought after, The Light Fury. First discovered in the years mid 800’s, there have only been few sightings of the magnificent beast. Many have dreamed of seeing and capturing one for its rare leather hide and gaining reputation.

The name Light Fury is derived from their bright white colored skin and golden colored wings and talons. They resemble the essence of an angel descending from the sky. Few have ever come in contact or seen a Light Fury because of its skin color, it hides in the clouds and cannot be seen from the ground. Light Furies prefer warmer climates and have been spotted in many place around the globe gathering a number of different nicknames; White Lightning, Flaming Mist, Gold Wing, Bright Eyes. Another reason they are so hard to find is that it is believed that their skin is adaptive, similar to that of a chameleon. It is not known how many were said to have existed but theories claim less than 5. A Light Fury is said to have smooth leathery skin, a sleek but muscular body, a head similar to a Night Fury, and razor sharp teeth. Little evidence is provided pertaining to a Light Fury’s diet, but based off of their preferences for high altitudes and clouds it is theorized that they convert the energy from the sun into food.

A Light Fury is believed to be a relative of a Night Fury in that they have similar body builds and a mysteriousness about both of them. It is believed that These two dragon species were the first original dragons. While they are both not of traditional dragon physical characteristics, they posses all and more when it comes to power. Light Furies posses the ability to radiate flame around its entire body like a shooting star when on the defensive. When attacking they can fire red plasma projectiles and emit a flamethrower like flame. Their ever-glowing radiance attracts fellow dragons of all kinds, much like being hypnotized.

To this day it is still not known how or when the Light Fury vanished, or how many there ever were. According to Norse legend there were a group of Vikings called Cloud Chasers,  that devoted their lives to capturing every Light Furry and eat its heart. They believed that it would strengthen their bond to and acceptance in Valhalla. There was a story of the Cloud Chasers exploring the mountains near the Baltic sea and spotting a Light Fury basking in the sun.  They tried to sneak up to it but it had vanished into thin air as they got close, and then there was a swift gust of wind and a split in the clouds up above. Interestingly enough these Vikings were never seen after the last appearance of a Light Fury in 1049.