Light Switch Media is an independent record label based in downtown San Jose, California. It aims to market ‘unique, innovative, and original content,’ by producing records and promoting tours for signed acts. Miguel Merilleno, the label’s premier artist, developed the concept in 2010.

Early HistoryEdit

Merilleno, a singer-songwriter seeking an outlet for his music, recorded and published songs online, quickly becoming a renowned content creator. In 2012, the side project became a focus for Merilleno, who then began to perform and market his light-hearted, upbeat melodies to a young urban demographic, becoming a big selling opportunity for many local businesses. Merilleno recorded his first EP in 2013, and debuted the song “Sunlight” at #4 on the top 10 Independent artist singles list on iTunes.

Label ActivityEdit

Using his sales income, Merilleno built a recording studio and started collaborating with friends and other musicians in 2014. Light Switch signed a corps of artists including jazz vocalist Haley Kelly and indie-rock band Odd Man Out to the label, and within a year the set launched a lengthy US tour leading to a World tour the following summer.

Today, Light Switch Media’s artists draw in audiences at sold-out venues, typically performing as the group ensemble, but also independently in headlining tours. Light Switch is also noted for its philanthropic endeavors, often fundraising for various charities while being involved in the community. Through the growing Light Switch internship program, youths can learn the fundamentals of music production while honing their music and performance skills.