Lightsaber (lahyt sey-ber)

The Lightsaber is a focused thermal plasma gas conductor unit. The preferred weapon of force users, both Sith and Jedi, since before the wars of the Old Republic, some ten thousand years ago. Since that time the same essential design has persisted over the millennia. Within the metal casing three main components reside, listed from the blade end to the pommel of the hilt: (1) subatomic photon aperture sphincter; this component focuses and controls the gauge and length of the blade. (2) A quantum modification oscillator; a hollow cylinder, approximately 20 centimeters long, builds and amplifies subatomic photons with friction while it travels up the hilt. (3) Force imbued crystal formation, powers the Lightsaber through communion with a force proficient wielder. This force crystal are created in a very similar fashion to zircon crystals made at extreme pressure near the mantle of a planet, except for the presence of the force they r identical.

Physical Attributes

A collimation of its parts yields a hilt approximately forty centimeters long and weighing three kilos. This substantial weight balanced at the pommel also functions as an effective blunt instrument. The inner components are ubiquitous across the galaxy but the appearance and materials that make up the hilt vary widely. This variety is the result of the long standing tradition of wielders constructing their own blades. The aesthetics of your hilt is a reflection of the creator. The blades burns at 1000 degrees Celsius and is capable of penetrating a plethora of metals and alloys commonly used across the galaxy. The most common colors are : blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and red.


Old Republic Historian, New University of Liberal Arts: Coruscant