Like Mike

Ruckers Park, located in the heart of New York. The most popular outdoor basketball court in America. A place where legends are born and remembered. Basketball players from all over the world would come and play here just for the unique atmosphere. A local kid who lived nearby would always play there. One day while he was playing he found a pair of torn sneakers behind the bleachers and decided to wear them. As he put them on he instantly absorbed a weird sense of energy flowing through his body. He instantly took his basketball and ran home.

The next day he decides to go out and play with the sneakers he just found. Once he put them on, he again got that weird sense of energy flowing through his body so he decided to keep them on and play in them. Everything felt different to him and as he went up for a layup, he dunked the ball so hard that he couldn’t believe it. The sneakers gave him extraordinary basketball abilities. Before you know it, he was the phenom of Ruckers Park. People were stunned and were in loss of words when watching him play. The youngest kid on the court was the most impressive in the mix of adults and professionals.

After having the shoes for about a month, they slowly ripped completely and was no longer wearable. His days as a phenom came to an end, but his legacy within that time will always be remembered!

David Bafaiz