Little Red Riding Hood It is said that many people associate this little girl with the red cloak that she wears daily. Thus resulting in her nickname, Little Red Riding Hood. Villagers describe Little Red Riding Hood as a friendly yet naïve young girl. She was known to speak with and trust in strangers. She also was rumored to not always follow her mother’s orders. It has been said that she was such an endearing child that everyone that knew her loved her, especially her grandmother. Her grandmother was said to live deep in the woods, while Little Red Riding Hood lived in the village with her mother and father. When Little Red’s grandmother falls ill, her mother is said to have asked her to take her grandmother a “get well” basket.

As Little Red was walking to her grandmother’s house with a basket of food, she was allegedly approached by the Big Bad Wolf. It is said that he persuaded her into taking a shortcut through the gloomy and spooky woods by pointing out the pretty flowers and convincing her that she should also take a bouquet to her grandmother. Supposedly, as Little Red skipped along, singing and gathering flowers, the Big Bad Wolf ran ahead to grandma’s house. The Big Bad Wolf is rumored to have been accused of devouring Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother and of stealing her identity. Supposedly, when she arrived, Little Red noticed that her grandmother looked different and was full of questions. Some of the questions that she is said to have asked were about the size of certain features that differed from the grandmother and wolf, such as his eyes, ears, and teeth. After the questions we hear that Little Red Riding Hood was also eaten by the wolf, but he must have eaten them so fast that he swallowed and never chewed because when the Huntsmen came along he was said to have cut open that Big Bad Wolf and pull out a fully intact grandmother and little girl.

Consequently, it is believed that the wolf was the only one to not survive that fateful day. More research is being done on Little Red Riding Hood and her witnesses due to the fact there are varying versions of this story being released all of the time.

Silka Jewell