Bruce Lee death was a big tragedy and big disappointment to his fans. The fans were expecting a new movie that summer, Hello to Death, but unfortunately Bruce Lee wasn't able to finish the movie. Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong police Department has concluded that during investigation, they had found the real cause of such tragic event. Noh Wei Ding Detective interviewed the witness, Wai Yu Sing Dum, who states that he saw Bruce Lee checking his town’s sewage tanks, and fell in and drowned in 9 feet of human waste. The unfinished movie, Hello to Death was in search of  a duplicate Bruce Lee character. Meantime, Taka Tup a new Aikido professor at San Jose Sate University was elected to go to Hong Kong and finish the movie. Since, Taka Tup had remarkable martial art skills and kinda looked alike to Bruce Lee, Taka Tup was a perfect match! For Taka Tup it was an honor to finish Bruce Lee movie. Matter a fact, the fans couldn’t even tell the difference between Bruce Lee and Taka Tup. After the movie was complete, Taka Tup came back to San Jose State and continued teaching Aikido, Judo, Karate, and Ice Skating. Matter a fact, he donated all his money that he made from the movie to sport department at San Jose State University.  Every Spartan should take at least one class with Taka Tup: we can not over look from such a legend.  Almost every improvement that takes place in San Jose State University, Taka Tup has a major role in it. Since, the movie is still generating money, therefore, Taka Tup’s contribution never stops.