In January of 2014, the fatalities caused by the influenza virus spiked in a very disconcerting fashion.  A new strain of the influenza virus, L1N1 or Lizard Flu, was isolated by researchers at the Swiss Institute of Infectious Diseases. 


The locus of the outbreak is unknown, but there is evidence of notably reptilian genetic coding in the recombinant DNA structure of this particular strain of the flu.  A possible hypothesis for this mutation was purposed by the Washington D.C. based think-tank Echelon, “It is likely that this flu originates in Southeastern Asia, and its global perforation may be a result of the rampant smuggling of rare and exotic reptiles from that area of the world”.  

Government ActionEdit

 After the obvious global panics surrounding the public releases regarding both the Avian and Swine flus, there has been United Nations pressure to limit the public news broadcast of this discovery.   Meanwhile, governments are acting proactively, but in a secretive way that many prevent many citizens from panicking in the face of this deadly virus.  For example, Congress recently formed a sub-committee whose major objective is “The Health and Well-Being of American Citizens”. However, delving into the fine print of the charter it is clear that the prerogative of this committee is to study and prevent the spread of so-called “variations and mutations of the influenza virus”.

By: James Fitzpatrick