Lizardella, also know as reptilian ginormous is a large wild creature. Lizardella can be found in moderate climate, with temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. Lizadellas tend to  live in bushes that are in residential areas. The Lizardella has a voracious appetite consuming everything from cats, dogs, rodents and even wild boar. They usually grow to 5 feet long. The largest ever found was 6 feet long, in a suburb of San Jose, California. Due to their feeding preferences nearby residents are forced to constantly monitor their house pets. The city of San Jose has put Lizardella on the gaming list and residents have taken action to protect their pets. Lizardellas are not monogamists they will have several mates each in their lifespan. The female Lizardella is promiscuous and never reproduces with the same male twice. Female Lizardella can produce an egg monthly. After mating, the female lays her fertilized egg in a hidden warm area. She then leaves her young only a few days from hatching, in search for food and a new mate. The lizardella pup hatches at 1 foot in length, and is left to fend for itself.  For the first month the pup can only consume small rodents and insects. Once the pups reaches 4 months old it is fully grown. The life span of a Lizardella can be up to 25 years. The city of San Jose is constantly studying the Lizardella to slow down reproduction in attempt to control the population of the Lizardella.

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