The Lollipop Queen

The Lollipop Queen lived in the town of Candia some time between the 18th and 19th century. As a young girl she dreamed of living in a house made of lollipops. When she was seven years old she began collecting all the lollipops that she could find. By the time she was in her early 20s she collected enough lollipops to fill a 10 feet by 10 feet room from floor to ceiling. She decided that she had enough lollipops to build herself a small house to live in. She did not want any help from anyone because she was paranoid that they would eat her lollipops. The town began calling her the Lollipop Queen due to her obsession with lollipops.

The townspeople were very intrigued by her attempt to build a house with lollipops so they began collecting lollipops and dropped them off at the construction site. She was so ecstatic that the townspeople were willing to help that she asked all the children in the town to help her finish building the house. It took nearly 6 months to finish building the lollipop house. When they finished building the house, they suddenly realized the rain would wash away all the lollipops. To solve this problem, the Lollipop Queen decided that she would build a wooden roof above the lollipop roof to prevent the lollipops from disintegrating with the rain water. The plan was a success. The lollipop house stayed up and the Lollipop Queen lived in the house until her dying day. Her ghost is rumored to still roam the town of Candia handing out lollipops to children. When the children go to eat the lollipops, they disappear from their hands. -T.W.