Lone-Arch Island is an island off the western coast of Africa not known to many people. It became United States territory in 1982 after a long debate with the World Treaty Organization (WTO) on the Free Trade Agreements that were with other countries. But the United States succeeded in claiming Lone-Arch Island located Southwest of Cameroon in Africa.Edit
This small island with a radius of only 1.5 miles is special because of the amount of whole grains and seeds that are produced here. The organic company Kashi, which was founded in 1984, has recently been purchasing barley and sesame seeds from Lone-Arch Island to go into their new Whole Grain Flakes Cereal. Other large organic companies like Earth’s Best also use the ingredients from this island to produce some of the major selling foods in grocery stores around America. Edit
Lone-Arch is a small living environment for only 89 African Americans. With only one school for children and a factory and shipping yard for income, this Island is used primarily for the shipment of organic grains. Before this island was noticed by the United States and other large countries, it was ignored by the world, and known only by its inhabitants. Edit