Lorenzo Jaso (Born April 20, 2000) is a Canadian Real Estate Agent and businessperson.  He is currently the CEO/Founder of the Knight Ryder hotel which is located on every Continent in the world.  He acquired his fame in Real Estate by being outspoken and a very charismatic leader. 

Lorenzo Jaso was born in Toronto to Bill and Daisy Jaso.  His parents really pushed him to become a realtor and landowner at a very young age.   He sold his first house at the age of 7 and by 9 he was a top realtor in all of Canada.  At the age of 10 he went to San Jose State University eventually graduating in two years.   At the age of thirteen he became interested in the hotel industry so he partnered with Donald Trump to create the Knight Ryder hotel.  It only took 1 year for this dynamic duo to put up there first hotel.  It was such a success that they expanded to London and many cities in Australia.  These hotels became so popular because Trump and Jaso had enough money to open the hotels in big party cities and it is encouraged to drink at all of their hotels. 

Now 16 years old Jaso is the youngest person to be in Forbes magazine as top 50 richest people in the world.  After going from country to country to promote his hotels he recently moved back to Toronto to continue selling Real Estate which is his true love.  He is now spending more time with his parents Bill and Daisy and delegating more tasks involving his hotel rather than taking everything on himself.