Lotus Nightclub

Lotus is a luxury, high-end nightclub located at the Quantum Hotel in New Chicago, Mars. The location is 50,000 square feet and is the biggest luxury nightclub of its kind in New Chicago. Lotus hosts an exclusive array of celebrities from planets Earth, Venus, and Solaris. The club opened its doors in 2325 and is operated by Key Management Group.

Lotus offers four distinct partying spaces, each catering to different music genres from Earth, Venus or Solaris. The most popular music genres are Earth’s gall, Venus’s sertus, and Solaris’s bruel.

Celebrities have been known to pay substantial amounts of currency to attend events and mingle with other celebrities at Lotus. In 2312, a Venus actress, Sheridan Rose, set a record for the most expensive stay at a Mars nightclub. The actress paid 300,000 quibians, which is the equivalent to 39.2 million Earth dollars. Lotus’s nightclub manager, Faulk Gruts, claims that there is not a better place to party the night away in Mars, due to the club’s grandiose ambience and exclusive VIP lineup.

Lotus offers many services to its guests, such as: space bottle service, go-go dancers from Sector 9, DJs from planet Jupiter and VIP pod sections around the dancer floors. Due to Mars’s 45 hour nights and its ultra-premium array of spirits, Lotus claims the highest revenue of any Milky Way nightclub.

Lotus enforces a dress code on a nightly basis. Athletic space wear is strictly prohibited and the dress code reserves Lotus’s right to refuse service. According to the terms of service, “dress to impress the Milky Way” is the generalized rule.

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