Luan T. Le Biography

Luana T. Le is most notably known for her achievements in the fashion world. Her fashion empire started from her label ADLL which hit the international scene in the year 2032 and has continued to grow ever since. ADLL climbed to the top ten companies in the Fortune 500 list in 2037 and maintains its dominance in the market headed by its founder, designer, and CEO Luana T. Le.

Born in Santa Clara, California, on December 24th, 2011 to first generation Vietnamese American parents, she attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design between 2028 and 2032. Central Saint Martins is a top rated fashion design school where she studied Fashion and Textiles. Her early work focused on women's accessories including hand bags, clutches, earrings, and bracelets. She won many awards for her designs. It was at Central Saint Martins College that she made her connections to the fashion world.

Le's fashion designs delighted her critics; combined with her business senses, she returned to the United States and launched her passion for fashion into her label titled ADLL in 2033. Her brand initially penetrated Hollywood red carpets as a novelty and grew to popularity in common households. Le's personable business style attracted many investors which ultimately boosted ADLL into the international fashion scene. She guides ADLL towards record revenues in 2035 and is within the top ten of Fortune 500 companies.

The future of fashion is defined by Le. She is a powerful woman who has the ability to shape the fashion world with her creativity.

Anhoa Dao (005420164) – San Jose State University/100W/ Fall 2011