Lucan The Liar was the bastard son of Tor Francium. His mother was a whore who died during his birth. Soon after birth Lucan, not yet the liar was brought to his father’s noble house to be raised not as a son but a servant to his older true born sibling. The Francium house was very wealthy and powerful due to its supply of the mystical stone element in which it made its deadly swords. The Francium Swords just had to cut its victim in order to kill those unlucky enough to be struck only hours later.

Lucan’s father Tor was a cold cruel man obsessed with the power he gained by the magic stones his castle was built above. Lucan was only spared and aloud to become a servant because his step mother Mérida was a kind women and devote to the faith. Although to his father and in all duties and rights Lucan was a servant Mérida loved him and treated him as a son. 

When Lucan was 14, almost a man grown, he was sent out to his first battle as a squire to his older brother Gerald. A rebellion arose amongst the smaller houses of the region because of the cruel nature in which Tor lead his people

During battle Lucan tried to save his brother who by chance was stuck with his own Francium Sword. After defeating those who his brother was fighting fortuitously he came across the honorable knight Sir Phillip Actinium a distant cousin of the Francium house. With Sir Phillip Lucan carried the lifeless corpse of his brother back to his father’s pavilion only to be blamed for the death of his brother. Though he was a bastard, his father had no other true kin so upon the death of Gerald the Francium rights and titles would then be passed to Lucan if Tor did not produce another true born heir.

Tor was cruel but just and was persuaded by his wife Mérida to give Lucan a trial. Lucan chose trial by combat and Sir Phillip volunteered to be his champion. Though by the law when Sir Phillip won the combat trial it proved Lucan’s innocence Tor did not accept the results. Tor then banished Sir Phillip and Lucan. After the Tors decree one of the kings men shouted out Lucan the Liar lives another day and thus the moniker Lucan the Liar was born.