Lucifer’s Hell Hole is a hole located approximately 10 miles north of San Francisco in the basement of a secluded cabin just off Highway 1. The house was a vacation home to millionaire couple Valerie and Calvin Thompson In the late 1950’s. Very little was known about the Thompson’s until tragedy struck them in July of 1957.  Valerie Thompson on a late summer night was driving to the vacation home with her friends to have a get together when she caught her husband Calvin having an affair. According to numerous eye witness and police statements in a rage of terror, she took Calvin's life and her own before anyone could intervene. To the public's dismay what was found in the house was far more disturbing than anyone could have anticipated. What was found in their basement by local police was almost too much for the community to stomach. Dead bodies stuffed in freezers, people chained to beds and neglected, and rituals rooms with pentagrams and blood smeared all over the walls were just some of the things stated in police reports. But by far the most disturbing discovery was by lead detective Carl Dansworth when the detective found a room with numerous body parts sawed off and a hole leading seemingly to nowhere. The hole has since held the name of Lucifer's Hell Hole. While the house has been sold and owned by numerous people throughout the decades no one has yet to reside in the house. Numerous passed owners have told journalist and news reporters that the cabin gave them the chills and they had an uncontrollable sense of fear when in the cabin. The house and the hole have been turned into an off the highway attraction numerous times in the past but none have stayed open longer than a month. Even though tragedy, pain, and suffering have riddled this house in the past current owner Martin Rossi stated in an interview with Ghost Hunter MAG he doesn't believe the house has anything evil going on and plans to tear it down to make a 24/7 In-n-out open Fall 2018.