In Atlantis city, you can find many Mermaid and Merman who come from different parts of the Sea, who have different cultures and beliefs. Since there are many Mermaid and Merman who are different from each other, there are rules put in place to make sure all Mermaid and Mermaid are treated equally. However, Merman with pink tails are treated less due to their tail color. Merman with red or blue tail color are looked at superior, although Merman with Pink tails can perform equally as their counterpart. 

In 1963, Atlantis city held their first summer Olympics, which all Mermaids and Merman were welcomed to participates. At the summer games, two athletes, Luel Adamaris and Salem Acquanetta who attended University of Atlantis, decided to take stand for all Merman who have pink tails and that have experienced unfair treatment due to their tail colors.

At the end of the summer games, Luel took first place and Salem took second place. Both athletes decided to speak out about the treatment they experienced. However, the public were not happy about their brave act.

As time passed by, Citizens of Atlantis city realized what Luel and Salem did was heroic act. As way to reward the brave athletes,the city of Atlantis decided to build a statue of the two athletes in University of Atlantis. The statue reminds all Mermaid and Merman that no matter of their tail color , they have the power to achieve all their goals and become who they desire to be.