Luna is Native American hero with magical powers that allow her to have a certain skill set in fighting off trolls and creeps. She originated from the world of Champions, which is in another dimension. This world can only be accessed by visiting a witch in a place called Storybrook off highway 18 in Michigan. She has black long hair that sways beautifully with the wind. Her one sided brown rag dress is cut and shaped in all the right places as if she was born in it. She wears an eye stunning blue necklace that cannot be unseen. In her right hand lays a beautifully crafted bamboo stick that she will never let go.

In the world of Champions exists odd- like creeps called saplings and archers. They birth and grow as easily as they die. They are spawned every minute as minions to protect their side of the land called the Tregan. However, 2-3 three strikes from anyone and these creeps will face an instant death.

Luna's life objective is to cross over from her land, Cagon, to Tregan. For centuries she has been defeating creeps but it seems as if she is unable to do it alone. To protect herself, she has magical powers called "power throw," "electric bolt," and "deja vu." Luna's "power throw" will send a bamboo stick straight across for 50 meters  and instantly killing whatever it hits. Her "electric bolt" will send a shock wave to anyone within 7 meters, stunning them so that they are unable to move for 3 seconds. Her "deja vu" will give opponents the impression that they are hallucinating, giving her time to run away for safety. If Luna were to overwork her inner energy and overly use her magic skills, she will die.

If Luna dies, her body will turn into a rock. In 50 years the rock will be dissolved and Luna will be alive again to continue her mission. To this day she has yet seen even the borders of Tregan.