Since the beginning of time, a fairy by the name of Luna has been protecting sleeping children from nightmares. One might ask, “if Luna prevents children from nightmares, then why do they still experience them on occasion?”. The response to this question is simple. As a child is getting in bed, settling in for the night, they must remember to recite Luna’s simple chant aloud before they fall asleep.  The chant goes as so:

“Luna, oh Luna, fairy dream-catcher,

please come protect me from the evil spirits of the night,

catch their wicked spells that cast fear in my mind,

and grant me peace through the night”

     Once the child recites the chant and starts to fall asleep, Luna will come to them and spread her dream-catching dust all around their head and all over their pillow. This special, mystical dust absorbs the negative thoughts induced by the evil spirits of the night, that cause dreaded nightmares, allowing children to only have sweet dreams and a peaceful nights rest. Since she only approaches a heavy-eyed child as they are falling asleep, there are few accounts of what Luna looks like. However, some lucky souls have, amidst their half-sleep state, seen this benevolent being. They say she is petite in stature, graceful in stride, and radiates a calming glow around her. Many also claim to have even heard her softly whisper her simple adieu: “Sweet dreams to you, my child”, before parting. It has been found that when one is no longer a child, they are able to control their dreams, and no longer need the assistance of Luna. However, one never forgets the pain caused by nightmares. With those memories, adults have always passed down Luna’s simple chant, protecting generation after generation from bad dreams. 

-Jessica McNeil