LunaSol Simple’ Soledad is the Greek goddess of the sun and the moon. LunaSol is said to have been born in 1475, near a village in Solis, located off the coast of Oro.

There are various Greek stories associated with the origination of her origin, some of which derive from the ancient Greek deities. According to the Simple’ Lliad, she is the daughter of the Greek Gods Luna and Sol. Based on the Soledad Theogong, she was born when the Greek Gods Luna and Sol fell in love and conceived her. Even after their love was prohibited, they went against the balances of nature and gave birth to LunaSol in secret. Their love was prohibited because the moon and sun are not capable of joining forces as one. A consequence they would face, as the whole world would be cursed into tragedy and loneliness.

By the reason of her exquisiteness, other God’s feared her. They knew the consequences of the curse and how it would affect their love life. Therefore, LunaSol never married because everyone recognized her as the “Cursed Goddess”. Although she had many lovers who fell in love with her beauty both Gods such as Zeus, Aries, and men such as Achilles, they were all cursed with the immortality of loneliness.

LunaSol is also referred to by her second name Soledad (Loneliness). Given to her after cursing the brave men who entered her life. She faced an eternity of loneliness, until she took her life in 1575 with a sword to the heart, after 100 years of heartache and lonesomeness.

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