Luna from the Moon

There is a definite possibility for humans to live in a place outside of Earth. For many years people believed that life was unsustainable on other parts of the planet, until the discovery of a woman named Luna. My sister has met Luna many times, first when she was just a young girl gazing up at the stars. People didn’t believe her because she was just a little girl at the time, but later my dad saw Luna floating down from her home, the moon, to come spend time with my sister. Shortly after NASA got involved as evidence was captured through iPhones of Luna flying down for family dinners at my house. According to scientists, Luna has the ability to live on the moon because she does not rely on lots oxygen to breathe or water to stay hydrated. Luna has explained to my family that over the course of her life, she learned how to move about properly in order to control where she is going without the help of gravity. She explains that her ancestors started off as humans, just like you and I, but evolved over time into beings that could survive without the main necessities for long periods of time. The way she explained this to us, is she is just like a sea mammal who lives under water but comes up for air every now and then so her use of oxygen, water, etc., is much less frequent. It is still a necessity to come down to Earth once a month to have a couple sips of water (salted or unsalted) and to fill her lungs with oxygen, but then she can go right back. Life away from Earth is therefore possible with the proper training, and further evolution of homosapiens.