M.C. Radar was a hip-hop artist from Oakland who became the under most rated M.C. in the early 90’s. Originally from San Jose, Radar moved to Oakland because that was the place to be if you wanted recognition. Legendary Hip-Hop artist Too Short from East Oakland says, “ it ain’t music if it ain’t from the town.”

The amount of talent that came from Oakland does not compare to the one man who defeated all of them in a freestyle battle, M.C. Radar. In 1991, Radar defeated champion M.C. Lite in a 60 second three round no holds bar match. Based on the audience’s reaction and the judge’s decision, Radar annihilated M.C. Lite in the first round. Judge one said, “ Wow, Radar blew the champion out like a candle.”

In 1993, Radar had another tournament in San Francisco at Club Six. The champion KRS 1 has defended his title for an impressing seven times. He had a catchy rhythm to his delivery and the audience loved him. The grudge match ended with both opponents finishing three rounds each. M.C. Radar did it again and chopped his opponent to the ground with a three round T.K.O.

After having two successful battles under his belt, M.C. Radar was ready to go mainstream. To his surprise the music industry was not interested. In fact, Def Jam CEO Russell Simmons said, “ You have a good style and your lyrics are phenomenal but you need to change your image.”

Radar did not sign with Def Jam because he felt that like they didn’t appreciate who he was as an artist. Image is everything in the Hip-Hop world so Radar left the Bay Area to find his destiny. Today he continues to rap at Hip-Hop tournaments all over the world with no record deal confining his talent.

Brian Kaho