The MRAPT is the culmination of a MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle and a modern M1A2 Abrams tank. It utilizes the V-shaped hull of the MRAP on top of the M1A2 Abrams chassis. The MRAPT is set to replace the current M1A2 Abrams tank as the main battle tank of the United States Army and Marine Corps. The MRAPT containing similar design guidelines to the current MRAP will be easily repairable after an IED, RPG, or anti-tank mine attack. The maximum estimated time to be repaired and operational is 18 hours.

The MRAPT features a 120mm cannon, .50 caliber machine gun, and a Mk 19 40mm Grenade launcher. The MRAPT is powered by a 3,000 horsepower Maricorp ASG 3000 multi-fuel gas turbine giving it a top speed of 85 mph on paved roads and 70mph cross-country.

The MRAPT has variants and upgrades specific to the mission. The MRAPT variants consist of mobile artillery with a 155mm artillery cannon, mortar variant containing a 120mm mortar, recovery and maintenance vehicle to provide support to vehicles in the front, and a command and control variant with network capabilities to support leaders and their soldiers.

The MRAPT can be transported on a C-5 Galaxy, C-17 Globemaster III, LCAC, or by truck. The MRAPT utilizes highly advanced lightweight yet durable materials to allow for high speed travel and safety compared to modern day tanks. Structural advancements and technological advancements allow the MRAPT to achieve higher efficiency to modern day tanks achieving 10 miles per gallon making it the most efficient modern tank in the battlefield.