Tower Hall is located in the middle of San Jose State University. It was rebuilt in 1910 after it was damaged in the earthquake of 1906. The building is used as a lecture hall and serves as the presidential administration office. In one morning of the year 2000, some people found a dead body of a girl who name is Jessica Gilbert.  She was found hanging from her neck on a rope from the ceiling of the top of Tower Hall. Police investigated and found that she committed suicide because she had her heart broken. She and her boyfriend had been in relationship for 5 years. One night her boyfriend wanted to break up with her, because he didn’t love her anymore. She was in love with him, and she wanted to get marriage with him. All her hopes were destroyed in one night; she was so hurt. She was also stressed from final exams preparation. She didn’t have anyone to talk about how bad she was feeling. She went to the top of the tower hall, after her night class to look at full moon and think about everything. From deep within her heart, she was hurt and lonely. She cried and screamed why her boyfriend would do that to her. In the full moon every month, people heard the sound of crying and screaming from top of Towner hall. Some people said that her spirit comes back to cry and to scream what her boyfriend did to her.