This article is about the women who won the largest lottery in the world.

Madison Rae Porter (born October 3, 1993) was born into the upper middle class. She went to public school in San Diego, CA and later went off to college in a small town called Queensville in North Carolina. She studied Business Marketing and graduated seven years later. With her degree in hand she decided to move back to her hometown in southern California. She soon found out that her degree did not meet the qualifications and she would have to return to school for an additional three years to receive her master’s degree. This was not in Madison’s vision and she did not intend to change the path of that. Instead she went to the nearest shopping market and applied to be a manager at the local Safeway. She had been working this job for a little over two years and it she was not able to afford her expensive taste. Her parents had always played the lottery when she was a child but they had never won. In fact they played so much that she rarely received birthday and Christmas presents because there was little money left over after playing these games every week. As a child Madison made a vow to herself that she would never play the lottery because she didn’t want to end up like her parents, putting money into something she would never get back. She went out to a Chinese dinner because that was her favorite food and she could use a pick me up. After she got done eating she opened her fortune and it read “Don’t get tied up in your old promises, good fortune is coming your way soon” she took this as a hint, went to the nearest convenience store and bought a Mega Millions ticket. The drawing was the next day and she couldn’t wait to see if her fortune cookie would come true. She came home from her ten hour shift, sat in front of the television and waited as the announcer called the numbers, she watched as all seven of her numbers matched up. She would have never guessed what happened next, she won 600 million dollars. She went out and bought a 2015 Harley Davidson, crashed and died the same day. 

Holly Moore