The Pacific island of Magabudu looks like any other island of the Pacific. It has a vast variation of young green coconuts, brightly reddish hued and yellow hinted mangos, crashing waves, and birds singing in the living forest.

Magabudu was inhabited by a native population that scared world explorer Ferdinand Magellan off the island the moment his row boat scratched the island’s sandy shores. Magellan fled to a far island where he was killed by some other people.

There were only two tribes on the island. The tribe of Taas believed the tribe of Baba was going to destroy them. In fear, the Taas people abandoned a young woman name Maga covered in a red and black striped blanket at an altar made of rock and bamboo to the Baba people.

The mother of Maga would bath, clothed, and blessed her daughter and give her a drink mango juice. The father carried his daughter on his back and ran through thick forest humming. Although Maga was sleeping tears fell down the back of her father’s neck. She was abandoned lying down on the forest floor.

The tribe of Baba had a boy named Budu who came across Maga. Budu was about to wake her when suddenly thunder clapped and lightning struck Budu. Maga awoke and struck Budu in the sternum, but he wouldn’t wake. So Maga carried Budu into a tree to protect them from the lightning. The tree engulfed them and they were never heard of again.

The island of Magabudu.


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by Jomar Bongulto