Steven Wu, a student in SJSU created this magic bell time machine that can bring you back in your life in 2015. The reason of this time machine was invented is because the creator was pissed off every time when he forgot what the instructor says and what he has to do for his homework assignment. You are able to travel back in time to whenever you want with this time machine. Ringing the bell, swiping your student ID card, picking the class that you wish to go traveling, are three easy steps to operate the machine. After awhile, the machine will bring you back to the moment that you wish. However, this time machine is not allowing anyone to change anything in their past. All the travelers can do is just to put them back to the scene where they wish to be. As a result, this time machine definitely can help students with their overall performance because it is easy for students forget things when they get too busy with different classes. Once a man who called Young, a guy who tried to boots up his test grade by changing to the correct answer was trapped in the past forever. This time machine is a powerful machine, at the same time, if you did not obey the regulations, it can cause a tragedy. Therefore, don’t ever take an advantage as a quick way to gain instant benefits; you never know what will happen when you do that and when you realized the problem; it is always too late to regret.