The “Magic Desk Ride” was approved for human testing late last year.

Gene India finished his magnetic force formula in 2007 and has since been creating the first ever hover device that is strong enough to carry up to 250 lbs. His formula includes an equation that captures the magnetism from the poles to lift the table off the ground. India began his research during his time at San Jose State University when constant construction began to make him late for class. India had already begun formulating a basic magnetic force equation in his engineering class and decided to continue with the formula after graduating with a masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. India’s fellow engineers and scientists would soon scrutinize this basic formula over the impossibility of a hover table being able to carry the weight of an average student. The following year India was able to assemble a team of engineers who would help him finish his magnetic force equation. When the equation was completed, India’s ideas for a hover-desk would be the next step to achieve. Through a basic automated mechanical pressure system, the legs of the table would fold out to create a desk for the student to use in their next class. This design will be added to the hover-desk once human testing is completed. India was interviewed by the New York Times early this year saying, “I have revolutionized not only the average student desk, but also the way student’s will live their lives.”