Have you ever been too busy to have a proper meal? Have you ever wished to eat whatever you want without the fear of gaining weight? Most of the answer would be yes since we are living in a modern and fast-pace environment. Look no further, Magic Corp. proudly introduced a new product that can solve your problem- Magic Spice.

Magic Spice is a spice jar that look like any other spices you have in your kitchen cabinet. The spice jar consists of white finely grounded particles that look like sand and have no taste. You can sprinkle it on any of the food pictures in any books of your choice. Just by looking at the picture, the smell of the food delivers to your nasal, your taste bud picks up the flavor and you won’t feel hungry anymore- as if you were enjoying a gourmet entree in a restaurant! With the Magic Spice, you don’t have to worry about not having time to eat in between jobs. The product also saves you a hassle of packing breakfast or lunch every day to school or work and eliminate a couple of pounds off your backpack. For those of you who are in training, are on a strict diet, try to lose weight or just enjoy eating too much that you want to eat everything but don’t want to gain weight, this is the ultimate solution for you. You can try pretty much any type of food anywhere in the world without those expensive plane tickets to travel there. In addition, in every 10 jars of Magic Spice that you purchase, Magic Corp. donates 1 jar to Feeding the World organization to help fighting hunger all over the world.

Minh Nguyen.