There are two big trees located at the middle of San Jose State University. Their branches are close to each other. Many people like to sit under the trees to relax and enjoy the cool. But those are not common trees, they have magic.

Three hundred years ago, there was a young man named Min, his grandma was a witch, and she always told Min that the two trees near to their house have magic. If people used right incantation and stand under the two trees, the trees can help people back to past. One night, Min had a dream, and in his dream a girl told him that she was his true love, but she was born early than him about hundred years, and she wanted he can come back to that time and find her. When Min waked up, he told his grandma about his dream, and he wanted to find that girl. Therefore, his grandma told him an incantation and let him stand under middle of the two trees, then with a light he disappeared in front of his grandma, and he backed to past. 

The whole story was in Min’s diary. He told people that he backed to the past and found the girl, they got married and had a happy life. However, Min didn’t tell people the incantation, and only by used the incantation and stand under the two trees can help people back to past. Hence, no one can make this magic happen again.