Unicorn plays with Virgin

Some sources claim that the Unicorn is a legend, but it has been in books throughout history and sighted many times by ancient scholars.  Claimed by some, the Unicorn is a creature described to have goat and horse-like features, even including a beard akin to a goat’s.  The Unicorn is said to be any color. Some sources assert that the Unicorn is an extremely wild creature.  It is said that they also symbolize grace and purity.  It is also rumored that a Unicorns can only be captured by a person of virgin purity.  Once the unicorn sees the virgin, it will approach and rest its head on the lap of the virgin, sleeping afterwards, allowing for an easy capture.  The horn of the Unicorn also has magical powers, it is claimed.  It is said that another name for the horn is Alicorn.  It is rumored that the horn was used to cure sickness, and neutralizes poisons.  It is ascertained that the horn spirals out of the center of the forehead of the creature.  Most commonly depicted as a white animal, the beast actually ranges in color, according to some sources.  But most often they are white or cream colored.  Many ancient Greek authors believed that Unicorns live in far-away India.  The knowledge of Unicorns also propagated from the bible, some claim.  Others, however, claim that it was due to the misinterpretation of a certain word.  As some have asserted, proof of Unicorn existence may be found in ancient writing and natural history logs.


Unicorn produces rainbow for drooling onlookers

The first sighting of this creature was reported by Ctesias, a Greek who was traveling Persia in early 5th century BCE.  During the middle ages, Unicorns were included in zoology texts called Bestiaries; this spread their influence and popularity within Western culture.  This creature proved so popular in the hazy, enchanting forests of Scotland, that King James III issued specie with the Unicorn stamped in the middle in the years 1460-1488.  It is also rumored that the throne of the King of Denmark included spirals and designs made from the magical horns of Unicorns.  And more recently, in 2015, the United States of America (USA) recognized April 9th as National Unicorn Day. 


Unicorn 1

Unicorn sighted at waterhole. Shows hindquarters.