During the year of 2014, the Tower Hall Fountain at San Jose State were flowing with water; but little did the students know that this water was holy water. It was blessed by the Pope Francis and was directly from the Vatican through underground pipes. One night there were a couple stray dogs roaming around campus to find some food and drink some water. They came across the fountain and jumped in and started playing in it. They were having a joyous time when suddenly they started to shake. The shaking escalated very quickly. Both dogs were in mid bark when they magically turned into people. They look directly at each other and they start to whine. The whine continued but soon turned into a bark, but instead of hearing a bark they started to speak. Moments later SJSU UPD arrives and tells the now humans to leave or else they would be taken to the police station because they were “trespassing”. When the dogs were speaking to one another they were barking but English came out of their mouths.

The dogs were really scared of what they’ve became so they waited the next night to go back to the fountain in hopes that they’ll change back to dogs. They scoped out the fountain but they saw so many transformations happing before their eyes. They couldn’t believe it, humans turning into animals, animals turning into humans. After they saw these amazing transformations they jumped into the fountains themselves… but little did they know they would be stuck in their human body forever.