The most enchanted creature on this earth today is the Unicorn. The Unicorn has been told in many stories but, in fact, the first unicorn was born in Idaho in 1856 in a laboratory. This laboratory was the same laboratory that was famous for creating dogs as well. A few scientists put together some fairy dust now also used in nationwide Starbucks drink called “the unicorn frap”. This Dust is so powerful that on February 2nd, 1856, the first unicorn came to life!

Every day, a unicorn must drink water infused with some of this magical fairy dust that it was created with so it can keep its magical entities. Once a unicorn has drunk its morning infused water it runs around hoping to find some little kids to make them believe unicorns are real. When children see the unicorn they scream and run away not believing them. Then, when the unicorn finds the children to explain to them if unicorns didn’t exist then how would there be so many children books with unicorns as their characters. This is almost how a regular day as a unicorn goes. Unless, other unicorns run into each other on the street then this is where magical powers shoot at each other through their unicorn horn on their head to claim territory in this wild world.

In addition to where they claim territory, unicorns love to live on top of roofs of houses. Roofs tend to accumulate much more heat with the high elevation and unicorns needs to stay a higher body temperature of 126 degrees. If there are solar panels on the roof then most unicorns fight for that spot to sleep. Wild unicorns do not mate with one another, instead they travel to their original laboratory in Idaho to help the chemists make new unicorns with the dust in their horns. This is how unicorns co-exist and their daily lives and continue to.

-Elma Avakian

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